I talked to the devil, for the last time!


When all is said and done, give me a bottle of wine, some good music and a ride home.

So, I had got plenty of advice that day. Most friends and family heard what had happened. I did not want any kind of empathy or recommendations on how to move forward. I followed my spirits where they led me, which was into the hands of the devil himself. At this point I considered hearing him out. Listen to whatever he wanted tell me once and for all. Maybe he had been sent to me by the Almighty like He like the case with His servant Job.

I walk into the club. Everyone is super excited except of this one guy you all find in the club sipping some liquor alone in a corner.

I sat at a corner alone as I waited for my guest to arrive so we could talk as he had requested. I did not want us to meet at my house because …well, you don’t give the devil the address to your home. My drink came as I had ordered. Prosecco sparkling wine. I believe there is jar of wine in my room in heaven. And one day when I’m seated in the room relaxing, Elisha will pass by and he will ask for some. And I will tell him that all I have remaining is this one glass after that I have no more. Elisha will confidently tell me just pour me a glass of wine woman. And right there fam! behold a miracle!! Unending wine! Heaven indeed.

My date, the devil himself is finally here. I give him a standing ovation for really keeping me waiting.

Let me take you a little back. A while back, this devil was like an angel sent to me by God in my eyes. He promised to show me the world. With all the new horizons to pursue. We were going to reach for the stars together. We reached a point where no one or nothing would tear us apart.

God life felt good. But let me tell you something about expectations, they suck the hell out of you. End of story.

“Thank you for meeting me.” he says to me. All I gave all along was a cold stare… “Look, I did not mean to beat you up it was…”

“What?? The alcohol??” I interrupted…

“I was drunk and as a matter of fact, I quit drinking. I quit drinking so that we can be together again! We had plans. And now more than eve I believe that the future is brighter with you in my life!”

Look fam, people lie all the time. And when people lie, they tell you what they think you wanna hear, especially if they have an emotional attachment to you.

“…I promise to change and be a better person. Give me a second chance. let’s move in together once again. Even our cat misses you all the time.” he continues. “I have even been going for anger management therapy!” he spats. 

The persuasion continued for a while and I won’t lie. I felt that I should give him a second chance. I felt he deserved it. He sounded honest, but let me tell you something, the devil will always be the devil.

He had me hospitalized because of a small argument that we had. And love, sometimes is dangerous. Poison. But because mama raised no fool, I looked the devil in his eyes and whispered. “Goodbye darling. When you get back to hell, say hi to your cousins!”

As I drank from my cup, I could feel a voice telling me…”Drink from me and when the sun comes out tomorrow, thy shall not remember this night!”

This girl that compares yogurt prices in the supermarket just to save a few shillings did not flinch as I swiped my card to purchase 2 more bottles of wine to carry home after a long night.



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