Independent Slave

“They arrested me and took me to Tigoni police station. There, they treated me like a hard core criminal.”

We need to talk

My girlfriend cries about almost everything. Good or bad. She cries her way into joy and out of frustration. She expresses herself best through tears....

Drinking from a dry well

I make better chapatis than you! I know you can argue about that but its fine with me. I have better arguments anyway. In fact, the only...

The price of a strong woman

Do you believe that a man is naturally weak? That while a strong man can handle a strong woman, a weak man may say she has an...

Beyond Braids

Even if you have all the “right” ingredients in place, there’s still an element of luck to your success.

Is water wet?

I used to think the nights before circumcision were the worst. Then I once saw my girlfriend turn and twist all over the floor the night before...


Nothing excites me more than a chameleon. Have you seen how it moves? I mean, I know how slow a tortoise is but let’s agree on one thing;...

My Bundle Story

I was born 21 years ago. For no specific reason, my parents named me Julia. I later got Wanjiru from my grandfather. So my friends call me...

Be a ‘Ronaldo’

There are three types of influencers you will meet in the digital sphere. The Lingard, The Sergio Ramos and me. Be a Ronaldo

Not tomorrow, but now

I remember at one point I was left on my own with him and hated it. I didn’t know him but he was acting like we were in love. So two weeks later